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The creative industries collectively comprise the UK’s fastest growing industrial sector - generating jobs quicker and with lower capital investment than any other part of the economy - the ability to access both equity and debt finance is one of the critical roads to growth for creative businesses. The online ‘Better Business Finance’ tool will help creative businesses find out who they can and should approach for funding.

Finance options for the creative sectors and information on managing your Intellectual Property can be found below

Angel investing involves wealthy individuals offering finance directly to businesses in return for a share of equity. They normally provide advice and expertise in addition to funds. Business Angels in the UK that can help businesses in the creative sector are listed on the:

Banks in the UK that can help businesses in the creative sector are:

Specialist finance for creative industries

Other finance providers who specialise in the creative sector:

Community Development Finance provide loans and support to people who find it difficult to access finance from mainstream sources. CDFIs that specialise in the creative sector are:

Crowdfunding or Peer to Peer (P2P) lending. It involves individuals lending money directly to unrelated people and businesses without using a bank or financial institution as an intermediary and allows individuals and organisations to lend money directly to unrelated businesses via specialist websites, without involving a bank or other financial institution. Crowdfunders and Peer to Peer lenders that specialise in the creativer sector are listed on the:

Asset Based Lending and Leasing applies to any asset used for business purposes, from printing presses and IT equipment to construction tools and forklift trucks. Buying a new asset outright can tie up large amounts of capital, so it may not be the most efficient approach. Asset based finance and leasing offers an alternative way of funding your purchase.

Business Growth Fund has been established to help Britain’s growing, smaller and medium sized businesses. Growth potential is the key criterion. BGF will invest between £2m and £10m per business in return for a minority equity stake and a seat on the board for a BGF director. BGF has up to £2.5bn with which to make long-term equity investments in growing companies across the UK that today do not have access to this source of capital.

BGF is an independent company, backed by five of the UK’s main banking groups - Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds, RBS and Standard Chartered. BGF also works closely with other key business organisations. BGF has specifically been set up on a local basis to be close to the businesses we invest in: